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Left/Right Click Suggestion

Postby MasterDinadan » Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:06 am

My friend had a pretty good idea, after getting frustrated trying to select clones from a whole bunch moving in opposite directions.
There should be an option that when clones are overlapped, left clicking will select a left facing clone, and right clicking will select a right facing clone.
If you left click and no left facing clone is under your cursor, it should select a right facing one anyway (so we can still left click to pick out clones that aren't in groups and don't have to think about which button to click all the time).
It might be nice, as I don't really use the right mouse button anyway, preferring to edge scroll or use tab and click to move the camera.
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Re: Left/Right Click Suggestion

Postby Simon » Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:50 am

There is directional select. It should be bindable under advanced options.

I mapped it to Qwerty [S] and [F] and moved other skills accordingly. I attached a picture of my current layout. It's not optimal, however. I will probably do more analysis of skill bind effectivenesses in the future. A very interesting choice is Qwerty [S] and [D] for it, to have index finger keys all separate from it for efficient inwards rolls of the hand.

RMB is used heavily for scrolling, for most players I know at least. I don't know whether RMB is freely bindable at the moment -- it would be great if it was.

The real question is whether the current feature suits your needs.

-- Simon
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