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Forum Login: Access Denied

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:26 am
by Kirp
I had an error while attempting to post/edit/message on the forum. I was already logged into the website, but it would prompt me to login in when I tried to post, edit, or message on the forum. Then greet me with an "Access Denied" when I entered my account and password.

The solution was to logout of the website, then back in.

If anyone is interested in what I was doing before this happened, I had messaged a user on the forums, then made a post on the forums. I came back later trying to add more to my post and encountered the problem.

Goodluck if your having problems!

Re: Forum Login: Access Denied

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:23 am
by tom
This problem would have happened if your cookies for the forums were somehow deleted, or expired. You do recall doing something to delete your cookies? Your solution to logout of the site and log back is a good working solution.

Thanks for bringing the problem up. I will update the session management code to reduce the likelihood of this happening again.