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Use of "Player Group" on proximity traps

PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:13 pm
by rt
The proximity trap has two group selectors: one for the trigger group and one for the player group. Most of the time you only want to change the trigger group. Setting the trigger groups means that only clones that match the group can trigger the proximity.

Setting the player group means that the proximity will only trigger if the player is in the matching group, resulting in different things happening for different players. Normally this is a bad thing and will result in the game getting out of sync (i.e. a "Checksums do not match" message after the match is over) if linked to any gameplay logic.

However, sometimes you do want different things to happen to different players, such as showing or hiding a background trap. Attached is the "Walls" mulitplayer level that shows how you can use the player group to do this. There is a proxy just above each start trap which auto-starts and "shows" the background trap over the other players land to hide part of the level.

Summary: 99% of the time you want the "Player" group to be set to "any" group (i.e. the pure white clone head) unless you know what you are doing and want different things to happen for different players.