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Clones v1.26 Released

PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:20 am
by tom
What's changed in Clones v1.26? Here's a summary.

Added solutions to most singleplayer puzzles (click "Menu->Show Solution" in-game).
Keep focus on chat when multiplayer end of match menu pops up.
Sped up listing of levels in browser.
Added timestamp to checkpoints.
Can now delete multiplayer level configurations.
Enabled direct connections through server browser.
Locked multiverse matches to 2 universes only.
Added puzzle objective to score window in singleplayer.
Puzzles now end even when particles are active.
Large clones are enabled in multiplayer pregame menu.
Added multilpayer stat: predicted score spread.
Prevented old versions from joining newer versions.

Bugs Fixed:
Random crash on server join in multiplayer.