Multiplayer Jam Pack #1

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Multiplayer Jam Pack #1

Postby rt » Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:23 pm

During the last multiplayer jam we were testing out new some maps and have now added them to the package gallery as a free download ( Open them up in the editor to learn some new tricks.

Touchdown - One of the most popular maps in the pack, the goal is to use a light clone to pick up the particle and run it into your exit. If you cross paths with the particle-carrying clone then you will steal the particle. There is a clone-spawner device at the bottom of the map, it turns green when you can jump into it to create a new clone. This is a great map for 2 - 6 players and team play.

Rise - A straightforward map for 1-vs-1 or 2-vs-2 matches. The bottom exits are faster to reach but do not have any clonium so the other team can remove the landing area.

Buccloneers - A Quantum Quarrel map in a pirate ship war setting. There are multiple ways to board the other ship: hoverboard, cannon, and life raft. You can release the slugs on the opponents ship to cause havok, and there is a light clone added for good measure. You can explode the blaster by spin+nova the dynamite beneath it, or trigger the switch in the slug room if you can reach it.

Castle - Multiverse Match with pre-placed sabotage clones. You can lower the drawbridge by triggering the switch at the top. This map needs at least 3 players per team to run smooth.

Flipper - Small 1-vs-1 map with neutral clones you can lead to your exit. There is a special button you can click to flip your spawn gravity whenever you want. Wrapped left/right. Note: there seems to be a problem if spectators click the button so either ask them not to or prevent them from joining by limiting the server max player count to 2.

Mothership - Capture The Clone map in which you must rescue your star clone to be beamed up by the mothership. You can take over the opponents copier trap by lopping at the green bits above the claws.

Plinko - 4 player map, each group is at a different gravity and so you cannot steal clones. You must focus on making a safe path to your exit and sabotage the other groups.

Tumble - 8 player map with wrap left/right. There are speed boosts to help you make a path through the snow. Check out the cool snow animation.

If you have any ideas to improve these levels please let us know and we can update the package.
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