suggest capping QDot count in multiverse match levels

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suggest capping QDot count in multiverse match levels

Postby CCX » Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:41 am

Multiverse match (MM) levels present the possibility of getting more QDots than the level really has, due to having multiple copies of the level. Currently ranking in singleplayer MM levels are done by QDots first follow by score. This leads to the possibility (now finally seen in an actual solution) of getting high rank via a solution that steals the "extra" QDots from the CloneMaster's copy of the level, but does a terrible job of actually beaming up clones.

While many MM levels have clonium to prevent reaching into the CloneMaster half of the level, there are a couple (more than one) that are not completely blocked off that way. The idea of the ranking potentially favoring stealing of QDots over beaming up clones seem to be a bit against the spirit of what MM levels are about.

So perhaps the QDot count for MM levels should be capped to the amount available in the original single copy of the level. This means if you've already gotten all the QDots you are meant to collect, stealing more from the the CloneMaster's copy won't help you. Just a thought.
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Re: suggest capping QDot count in multiverse match levels

Postby rt » Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:04 pm

Yes, stealing Qdots from the CM side was not intended. It will be fixed in 1.28 and any affected levels will have stats reset (Wattson). Thanks for pointing it out.
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