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Version 1.25 Released

Postby rt » Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:42 pm

We've been working hard over the last week to tweak the game based on player feedback. Behold the glory that is v1.25:
- Updated multiplayer map: Octogame.
- Added option to assign morph on hotkey release instead of press. This is for those that wish to use the click-to-morph method.
- Added hotkeys labels to morph buttons on HUD.
- Default to gesture mode for clones belt (click-hold-drag-release). This allows you to easily select another clone next to a selected clone with the belt enabled. Releasing the mouse button closes the belt.
- Can't select clone that is already selected by teammate.
- Fixed 'invisible' players bug in multiplayer.
- Fixed crash in multplayer when player joins.
- Removed redundant messages during multiplayer.
- Hold shift to start in windowed mode.
- Added hotkey to deselect clone.

Thanks for all the great feedback, we hope you enjoy this clonetastic update :)
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