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Clones Version 1.27 Released

Postby tom » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:26 am

The first new version of 2011 contains some exciting upgrades, here's a summary of what has changed:

    Added support for 5:4 aspect ratio resolutions (1280x1024)
    Add unlock all puzzle option - Want to jump to the final boss battle? Go for it!
    Fixed timeout bug during join game in progress
    Improved network code to reduce lag on poor connections
    Server browser grid updated to show player names
    Direct connect is used when port forwarding is reported by server
    Updated exits to better show colors
    Can't stop lop midway..allow queueing on lop
    Add reminder to register online
    Made the quit button on multiplayer end screen less prominent
    Turn off directional force on morph release
    Fix clonestats validation with remote admin
    Remove spaces from key when verifying
    And of course, many other small bug fixes...

Thanks to everyone that reported bugs and suggested tweaks!
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