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New multiplayer pack!

Postby Haymanizer » Tue Feb 15, 2011 5:57 pm

I have completed a new pack for everyone. 15 new levels which should excite and/or infuriate you. A lot of these levels feature complex logic and new concepts, including new switch triggers and a new quantum quarrel concept. Feel free to look at the logic behind these levels and use them in your own! Here is a brief description of the levels in the pack:

Many multiplayer levels are symmetrical. Well, so is this one, but along a different axis. You'll see...

Black Hole:
A small level for four players. Get to your colour gravitise and get to the exit. Simple right? No.

The first of the contraption levels. The exits are on platforms which rotate around every now and then. Its a mixture of getting to your exit, and stopping others from getting to theirs.

A very small level with a simple layout. See those red glows to the sides? They activate the mush bomb in the centre. Which is perfect for getting rid of those pesky clones which are a bit too near the exit....

The entrances rotate around dispensing clones in every direction. Then they explode and the exits fly in like some mechanical supermen. Joy.

The sides of this level are wrapped so getting to the exit is simply a matter of choosing the quickest path. In theory, anyway. Oh, and look out for the stunning mush bombs, they're a bit of a pain as well...

Pillars of Hercules:
A procure the particle level. Get your colour particle to the appropriate receptacle, and enjoy the scenery.

Traverse the pipe and get to your exit, using and then avoiding the cannons on the way.

This level will requires a little creativity, namely building on the upside-down stairs your enemy has built. Onwards to Mars!

My biggest level (So far). It's a large maze of a puzzle, and winning will require you to be in several places at one. An easy one then!

Starship Poopers:
Get your clones to the exit while simultaneously sabotaging the other players. Works best in teams.

Storm the Castle:
This is a good one! It's a new variation on the quantum quarrel game mode. Either kill the enemy or nova the enemy king to score an instant victory! But be warned, the castles are heavily defended! This would probably be best with two teams of four, making it a clones battle campaign.

Through the miracle of fusion we bring you a revolution in tactics. The exits will swap between red and blue, according to the computer at the top. Guard the exit with your life and then get as many in as possible. Then guard the exit with your life and then get as many in as possible. Lather, rinse, repeat...

Similar to Swap, but your clones control the exits! When one of your clones hits the switch at the right, your exit will become accessible. Also, check out the skull at the bottom for a cheap laugh.

We all fall down:
Nope, no machines on this one! You'll just have to rely on your own wits and skills. Also, the clones fall to their doom at the start, so that's something to think about...

TL:DR New pack, use logic, have fun. :P
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Re: New multiplayer pack!

Postby rt » Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:47 pm

Haymanizer wrote:Swap:
Through the miracle of fusion we bring you a revolution in tactics. The exits will swap between red and blue, according to the computer at the top. Guard the exit with your life and then get as many in as possible. Then guard the exit with your life and then get as many in as possible. Lather, rinse, repeat...

I really like this one, it really changes the multiplayer strategy. I was inspired and created a 2-group map with moving exits, and another one with moving start points, they will be in the next jam pack.
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Re: New multiplayer pack!

Postby geoo » Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:56 pm

Back when I was over at Simon's, we had a short glance at the previews of the levels.
Unfortunately we didn't get around to playing the levels, so my/our first impressions as I'm gonna describe below might not fully apply after all. I'll watch the server list to see when you'll have a server open so I can test for real.

First of all, the visual designs are simply amazing, it looks like a lot of thought and effort went into these.
I also like that you're trying out new conceptual ideas, and it'll be interesting to see them playing out.

There are a couple of possible flaws we noticed, at least from our past playing experience they might be flaws:
You tend to give a lot of blockers [doppel] in many of your levels, and also a lot of terrain removers relative to the terrain adders (builders [mold] mostly, and atomizers). Especially blockers are very powerful, as they can control the movement of the clones with very little effort, and are comparatively difficult to remove, especially if they stand on thin, destroyable terrain. We conjectured that in Starship poopers, if some player saves clones at all, it will likely be only spinners, as there's comparatively little builders, and permanent opportunity for sabotage.
First impression of cogitate was that it was inbalanced, but reading your description it actually makes a lot of sense now.
Toggle: We suspected that the blue player would likely have an advantage, because he might just be able to block off the path to the left right from the start. Might not work with certainty though.
Angular is not really symmetric player-wise. If you swapped one white entrance for a blue one it would be. Might work like this as well though. Pretty interested how this will play out.
Solar: We once played a level like this from Dexter, where we realized that attacking usually lead to one's disadvantage. But perhaps there's better strategies out there.

Overall, I really like that you're going for a variety of new concepts, and I can't wait to try them out, as I'm always into experimental stuff.
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