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Full Game Beta Test

Postby rt » Wed May 05, 2010 10:43 am

We are now seeking beta testers to play through the singleplayer component of Clones. There are well over 100 puzzles (across 11 CloneMasters bosses) that need leak-testing and feedback to improve the experience.

You do NOT have to play all of the levels to contribute. In fact, choosing 2 or 3 of the CloneMasters (20-40 levels) will be very helpful to us and more manageable to you. In particular we need volunteers to:
- perform leak-testing (backroute) for the 4 hardest CloneMasters
- play tutorial level and provide playability feedback
- ensure "easy" boss battles are easy enough

As a beta tester you will be able to skip levels in case there is an error in the puzzle which makes it unsolvable.

The next round of beta testing will be for the built-in editor.

Please contact us at info @ clonesgame.com if you are interested in helping to beta test. Thanks! :D
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