Clones needs an option to check weather you're online

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Clones needs an option to check weather you're online

Postby GinoACosta » Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:40 pm

Maybe off the Options menu, there should be an Online menu where you can check to see if you're successfully logged in, check your internet connection, and maybe check your stats online. From within the game, there is nothing telling you weather you're successfully logged in or not, except when it tells you it cannot upload your high scores. Or better yet, locate the Online menu off the Main Menu.
Also, Is your game progress stored online as well as offline?
One more thing. Please make it so I can copy and paste my username and password in the logon fields. Now I have to manually type them in.
And have Facebook integration, as well as a facebook app, as well.

Oh, and please add more stickers, levels, and other unlockables too.

Cones is a great game, and should have persistant online rankings and stats as well.

Thank you,
A happy player.
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Re: Clones needs an option to check weather you're online

Postby tom » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:25 pm

Thanks for your feedback! We can definitely implement some of your suggestions regarding better online status and statistics integration. Your game stats are stored online, but your player profile is sync'd across computers only if you are using the steam version. We plan to add cloud syncing to the non-steam version in a future update.

We'll look into the facebook app idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

The game already comes with a lot of levels and unlockables, but if you are looking for more content, please check out the level gallery and try some user contributed levels.
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