need help at level: Sandbar of Roast Ed Master

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need help at level: Sandbar of Roast Ed Master

Postby blackant » Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:28 pm

I have some problem at map Sandbar of Roast Ed master, did anyone pass this level can help me, plz :oops:
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Re: need help at level: Sandbar of Roast Ed Master

Postby minimac » Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:36 am

It's a procure the particle level, just like the previous one you did. At least 80 people have done this, so it is possible by all means. You don't need to lose any clones here.
Highlight to read wrote:Move the clones down to the grassy patch on the right and gulp to the right. When finished gulp to the left. Clob if necessary to reach the next grassy patch. Lop on the small piece of land inside the zappers.

This should let the particle fall, allowing a clone to collect it. To go up...

Highlight to read wrote:Set a doppel on the left, let the clones walk back to the right and on the right edge of the level mold over the second tunnel you created to reach the clonium. Next step is a lot of molding to get over and out of the small pit. Set another doppel on the left to avoid the other zapper. Mold to the right to reach the receptacle.

I'm afraid this method won't give you all the Qdots, but at least it (hopefully) gets through the level.
I use function keys for each morph. It is much easier for me doing it this way.
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Re: need help at level: Sandbar of Roast Ed Master

Postby rt » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:56 am

In the next update we are including solutions for all of the puzzles in DrillDude, RoboBrain, Roast Ed, Gofo, and Trillip. You will be able to view the solution by clicking on Menu->Show Solution while you are playing the level.

Eventually we plan to include solutions to every puzzle in the game, so that no one needs to be stuck scratching their head :) The better people become at singleplayer, then the more they will have confidence to attempt multiplayer, which is where the real action is.
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